Gender-based Violence Awareness Symposium

Gender-based Violence Awareness Symposium


Women4Yemen Network

November 17, 20201


A symposium on gender-based violence awareness was organized by Women4Yemen Network, in partnership with Group of Nine and UN Women, and in coordination with the Department of Woman and Child in the office of Social Affairs and Labor on November,17. The symposium aimed at increasing participants' knowledge about the protection of women and children against gender-based violence amid intense armed conflict. The symposium is also aimed at coming up with concrete recommendations.

20 women activists, media workers, and leaders discussed the increase in GBV-related incidents in Yemen and the importance of building networks, coordination mechanisms, and achieving accountability. The conflict in Yemen has caused the death of thousands of children and devastated already weak health facilities, and destroyed schools, said Ali Al-Tam, the head of the HOCO organization.

Four children are killed or maimed every day according to UNICEF. Women and children are the main victims of violence and the ones who pay the heaviest price amid conflict. Moreover,
there are continues widespread and systematic crimes committed against them, including crimes counted as 'Crimes against Humanity, Al-Tam added.

"As a result of the war, we find women face more challenges, and consequently they are subjected to different types of violence," said Amal Dahwan, the general trustee of Ekleelah foundation.

Dahwan mentioned that women in times of war suffer more. They are targeted with numerous types of abuses and deprivation of resources. They are deprived of economic resources and education. They face security threats, abduction, detention, and torture.
This symposium comes in response to the current situation of women and children and to build effective networks between the survivors of gender-based violence and civil society organizations.