Hadhramaut between the end to military operations and coronavirus response

Hadhramaut between the end to military operations and coronavirus response


Women4Yemen, Yemen


As part of our advocacy campaign supporting the Special Envoy's call to end the war in Yemen and respond to COVID-19, the Women4Yemen Network, along with eight other women’s networks in the Group of Nine, held a meeting attended by government and civil society elites, including the governor of Hadhramaut, Major General Faraj Salmin al-Bahsani, to shed light on the distinct experience of Hadhramaut province in responding to COVID-19 and the cooperation of the government and civil society organizations. The meeting also shed light on the leadership role of women in these sectors to contribute to peacebuilding since the beginning of the war and during the recent rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis.
The meeting focused on the important factors which made the experience of Hadhramaut distinct in responding to COVID-19. All the participants from different sectors in Hadhramaut governorate noted that the important factors are the diligent efforts of all sectors to build peace and keep the government institutions operating at a certain level during war. Additionally, the local community culture in Hadhramaut, peace among the community, and the Hadhrami women's role in working to achieve peace and respond to crises faster contributed to putting Hadhramaut governorate on top in terms of its response to the crisis.

Facilitator of the meeting and participant:

- Kawkab al-Thaibani, Women4Yemen Network

Meeting participants:

- Fahmi Badaoui, Assistant Deputy Governor for Youth Affairs.
- Khalil Fouad Bamatrif, Deputy Governor for Women Affairs.
- Dr. Abdullah Kaiti, General Manager of the Office of Health and Population, Hadhramaut coast.
- Dr. Abha Abdullah Bawaidan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Alamal Women's Sociocultural Foundation.
- Solaf Aboud Al-Hanshi, the President of Rescue Foundation for Development.
- Mohammed Saleh Al-Katheri, the President of Peace and Building Foundation.

Moreover, the meeting was attended by the chief gender expert in the UN office Rawan Ababneh' and members of Group of Nine and concluded with many recommendations.