Bombing Women’s Prison Renews the Suffering of Taiz

Bombing Women’s Prison Renews the Suffering of Taiz


Women4Yemen, Yemen


Women for Yemen Network condemns the bombing of the central prison in Taiz governorate on Sunday 5 April 2020, which resulted in the killing of six women and a child, and the wounding of others, according to human rights sources,  eyewitnesses, and the investigative report by the Yemeni Archive. The bombing was carried out by the Ansar Allah group, "the Houthis”, who continue to target civilians and civilian facilities in the city, the last of which was a snipe attack on two children, one of whom died and the other was wounded. The sources said that the victims of the bombing were those who had been released under the direction of the Attorney General of the legitimate authorities in Yemen.

The Network regrets that this targeted attack happened in conjunction with the international call to stop the war in order to confront the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. An international campaign has been launched to demand the release of detainees in prisons by all parties, with the participation of many international and local organizations, including the Women for Yemen Network.

The Network also expresses its concern about the Houthi group continuing their military escalation and expansion in both the Ma'rib and Al-Jawf Governorate, as well as their external escalation. The Network confirms that such escalatory actions constitute a threat to the international call for a ceasefire, as we mentioned in our last statement.

The Network urges the armed Houthi group to adhere to its acceptance of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen's call for ceasefire, stressing the necessity of dismantling the siege on Taiz and opening the main roads and corridors quickly so that the coronavirus can be confronted safely. Additionally, the Network recommends to the international community that priority should be given to implement the Statement of Understanding on Taiz and the establishment of a joint committee according to the Stockholm Agreement. The Network calls for the establishment of a group that works to monitor peace and assess the efforts made in the peace process, reporting any violations by any party to the conflict and putting pressure on the Houthi group to stop internal and external military escalation, including the indiscriminate shelling of neighborhoods and civil installations, the planting of land mines and the detention of journalists, activists and women.