Attacks On Aden: A Gateway To New Conflict Phase

Attacks On Aden: A Gateway To New Conflict Phase


Women4Yemen, Yemen


The Women4Yemen Network condemns the attack on Al-Jalaa refugee camp during a training demonstration. The attack was carried out by Al-Houthi group who fired a rocket and killed more than 30 people and wounded others. It was also reported that an Al-Qaeda terrorist group targeted a car bomb at the Sheikh Osman police station in Aden governorate, killing 13 people and injuring others. However, the group later denied this.

We condemn these crimes and believe that these events will have serious implications for efforts to achieve sustainable peace in Yemen and may lead to a further bloody phase of conflict. 

This attack by the Houthi group is a public violation of its commitment to the Stockholm Agreement and confidence-building measures. The Stockholm Convention represents an important step in the peace process, but the lack of condemnation and international and regional pressure on those that break the peace agreement is a reward for violence, which will have a serious negative impact on events in Yemen.

Following the Stockholm Agreement, the Houthi group has not stopped its expansionist plans and practices that threaten peace, such as continuing to bomb Taiz and Dhali, the recruitment of children, laying mines, heavily targeting women, female activists, journalists and civil society.

On the other hand, the governorate of Aden as an interim capital of Yemen suffers a weak state presence mainly because of the dominance of armed groups over state institutions, groups that are affiliated with the Transitional Council and supported by the United Arab Emirates, according to local and international reports.

These armed groups are carrying out a large number of violations in southern Yemen and their leaders are now carrying out campaigns of forced displacement of Yemeni citizens from the northern governorates to exploit the attack carried out by the Houthi group on the citizens of Aden, exploiting the horrific aftermath of the war waged by the Houthi group on the province of Aden after its takeover of Sanaa in 2014 and the southern grievance in the past.

These violations committed by these armed groups lead to the provocation of regional conflicts between the citizensof one nation and the disruption of the social fabric. 

In order to preserve Yemen's territorial integrity and the success of the peace efforts, Women4Yemen Network recommends:

  • Conduct an international investigation into the incidents that took place, and identify the perpetrator .the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen should continue include these implications in their agenda.
  • The international community and the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Yemen should pressure the Houthi armed group to stop armed operations and their attempts at expansion, which has clearly increased after the Stockholm agreement, such as Hajour and Dhali and now their recognition of hitting a camp in Aden.
  • The international community and the countries supporting Yemen should pressure the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to abide by the objectives that it has come to support legitimacy, the restoration of the Yemeni territories and the unity of Yemen.
  • We call upon the Yemeni government to exercise its civilian and military functions to impose its control over liberated cities.
  • All violations against the citizens of the northern governorates in Aden should be monitored and investigated and the perpetrators of these violations should be brought to trial.