A Statement of Condemnation and Conviction

A Statement of Condemnation and Conviction

Women4Yemen Network

December 05, 2020

Alamal Women's and Sociocultural Foundation, condemn the heinous crime which the victim (Marwa al-Baiti) was exposed to by the perpetrator (her husband). Marwa al-Baiti was set on fire (by petrol) in front of her children. According to the medical report, burns affected 80% of her body. She died from her injuries a few days after the incident.
Marwa al-Baiti’s death was the third of four deaths that happened in the same week. In all cases the murderer was the husband. The following women were recently killed:
- Fatima al-Jabri-al-Sharj-al-Mukalla (Beaten)
- (Name cannot be revealed to protect privacy) -al-Kuda- al-Mukalla (asphyxiation while she was pregnant)
- Marwa al-Baiti-Fawa- al-Mukalla (Burned)
- Anfal al-Quraishi-Aynat-al-Mukalla (Slaughtered)
These are heinous and criminal acts – acts that are banned by laws, covenants and constitutions. We renew our demands that the offenders receive punishment commiserate with the crime and that the punishments are such that they can act as a deterrent to others in order to protect women from acts of violence and reduce the spread of this deadly phenomenon. Justice can only be served by ending impunity and holding the killers to account. This is the urgent demand of society and of the victims' family and relatives.
Women4Yemen and Alamal Center for Rights of Women and Children appealed to civil society organizations to stand in solidarity with the victims and to put pressure on the competent authorities to enact laws which prevent violence against women and impose severe penalties for the perpetrators. We call for women to be respected and protected from violence. International legislation and covenants aimed at protecting the rights of women, and ratified by Yemen, must be upheld.
Women4Yemen and the Alamal Center for Rights of Women and Children, related to Alamal Women's and Sociocultural Foundation, call on the security and judicial entities to punish the offenders based on principles of justice and to ensure such crimes are not repeated.

A Copy To:
- The Security Manager of al-Mukalla district
- The President of the Appellate Persecution of al-Mukalla
-The President of the Appellate Court of al-Mukalla
- Yemeni Women Union
- UN Women
- Women' Civil Society Organizations

Photos: During a protest from feminist organizations and activists condemning the escalation of violence against women.