Sorrows Hidden in prisons

Sorrows Hidden in prisons

Ms. Asma Al-Raie
Human Rights Activist

The proverb says women are half of society and enjoy the same rights as the other half, and women must obtain their rights and entitlements that have been approved by international instruments and charters. This concept differs from broad-based concepts of human rights by claiming that there is an inherent historical and traditional prejudice against women exercising their rights. This is in the interest of men's practices of their rights. Women have the right to be protected, independent, free of sexual violence, vote, hold public office, conclude legal contracts, equality in family law, fair wages, and equal property rights and education.

Violence against women in prisons is considered one of the most heinous forms of violence practiced against women. Despite the laws regulating prisons, the concerned authorities' monitoring of their implementation and assessment of the performance of the Prison Authority employees is almost non-existent. Not only that, but the weak oversight role of civil society organizations has withdrawn and their advocacy for the issues of female detainees and prisoners became almost rare, as they are absent either due to their weak capabilities or the authorities' refusal to get them involved.

In addition, the inferior view that women find in society suffers double inside prison and under the hearing and sight of the state authorities that must protect and enable them to fulfill their full rights, while constantly being exposed to violations, which leads some of them to feel despair and commit suicide.

In light of the war, the vocational and educational rehabilitation programs that were offered to female prisoners in order to support themselves after their sentences were suspended. As most often the family disavows them, so rehabilitation becomes necessary for female prisoners to complete their lives and at the same time eliminates the bad reputation associated with their names during their imprisonment.

Woman and the man both make mistakes, but society gives the man many opportunities and rejects the woman without giving her another opportunity. The prison sentence aims to discipline so as the female prisoners become active and useful members of a social peace.